The best of Go Daddy Commercials

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We all know that sex sells, but sometimes you have to wonder what the target is. Sure, you can put a pretty girl next to a car and the image is clear, but what image do you get with sexy girls and a web hosting site? I liked watching the eye candy laden Go Daddy commercials, but it never made me think to go use their services. When it was time to pick a provided I looked up prices and customer reviews and ratings. Maybe the image of a sexy girl is to sit in the back of your mind and when you do think of web hosting or buying a domain it pops out and you go with that company.

Here is a mix of some of the more sexy Go Daddy commercials.

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At each Super Bowl, ads are admitted as the sexiest ones, but what the brand does exactly sell ?… Hard to remember. Here is a remix as a reminder before the next Super Bowl…

A US series of commercials produced between 2005 and 2011 for Go Daddy.”s savoir-faire

Where all daddies want to go – USA – 2010. A commercial featuring Danica Patrick. – USA – 2009. A commercial featuring Danica Patrick &amp; Mimi Mayweather. – USA – 2011. A commercial featuring Danica Patrick &amp; Jillian Michaels. – USA – 2010. A commercial featuring Danica Patrick. – USA – 2009. A commercial featuring Danica Patrick. – USA – 2005. A commercial featuring Nikki Capelli. – USA – 2006. A commercial featuring Nikki Capelli. – USA – 2010.

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