The Awakened Project: Mission Failure



               Lucia shakes head all the while watching Vincent as he hides
               behind the dumpster. She can feel the energy emanating from
               his body. 

                         Fine. It doesn't matter if you
                         fight now or later, you will be
                         just as dead.

               Lucia raises her sword into the air. The two Demonic shells
               step forward. Their eyes glowing a bright crimson as they
               appear to attack.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         Kill her.

               Lucia drops her arm. The two Demonic shells charge towards
               Chase. Chase places one foot back and holds her sword behind
               her. In unison the Demonic shells pull hilts from their robes
               forming katana blades. Vincent's stares on at the pending

               The first Demonic shell charges ahead swinging its sword in
               front of it. Chase swings upward from the ground parrying the
               attack. Spinning three-sixty, Chase pushes the first Demonic
               behind her.

               Just as the second Demonic reaches her Chase leaps forward.
               Swinging towards the Demonic's chest her blade shatters the
               Demonic's blade in a flash of light. Chase grabs the
               Demonic's face within the palm of her hand and using her
               momentum and strength pushes him backwards slamming the back
               of its head into the ground.

               Vincent's eyes begin to glow white as he watches Chase's hand
               begin to glow brightly. In a flash of light the Demonic's
               head shatters. 

               Chase swings her sword behind her instinctively as if she
               felt the oncoming attack from the first Demonic. Blocking his
               overhead swing Chase stands and turns around pointing the
               palm of her open hand towards the Demonic.

               Twitching on the floor several cracks appear on the body of
               the second Demonic. A stream of crimson energy pours from its

               Vincent watches on in amazement as a small tear forms in the
               palm of Chase's hand. From the tear a beam of white energy
               flies out striking the first Demonic in the chest. The beam
               travels through the Demonic's body and out of its back.

               The second Demonic's body shatters in a brilliant explosion
               of crimson light with the first Demonic's body following suit
               almost instantly behind it.

               Lucia charges towards Chase and in a flash of light travels
               across the alleyway in less than a second appearing directly
               behind Chase. Chase turns around swinging her sword. As the
               two swords meet a wave of white and crimson energy fires out
               from where the two swords collided. 

               Lucia and Chase stare into each other's eyes both glowing

                         You were saying?

                                                                CUT TO:

               OPENING CREDITS


               Chase stands impatiently next to Zoe who is kneeling down
               next to Francisco. Several feet in front of them Mia
               desperately tries to fight off several Demonic shells as well
               as Lucia.

                         Jonathan you have to do something!

                         I'm working on it, but until the
                         Demonic blocking us from opening a
                         gateway is destroyed there is
                         nothing I can do.

                         That's not quite true. Jonathan,
                         what about your trans-frequency

                         It's not even in the testing phase.
                         We cannot-

                         God damn it, Jonathan! Mia is going
                         to be killed as we all are if you
                         don't do something.

               In a flash of light Mia travels across the room swinging her
               blade towards a Demonic shell. Each time she draws near Lucia
               appears in front of her parrying her attack.

                         You are nothing without Shawn. You
                         realize this now, don't you?

               Mia swings angrily towards Lucia's head who disappears in a
               flash of light reappearing behind her. Mia turns around just
               in time to block Lucia's attack.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         You can't beat me. You will die
                         here and when you fall the first
                         thing I will do is slaughter those
                         two children and take the soul.

               Chase stands watching the battle unfold holding her sword
               hilt tightly.

                         I can't stand here while Mia fights
                         for us. Zoe, stay with the soul
                         until Jonathan get us out of her.
                         I'm going to try and take out one
                         of the shells.

                         But Mia said....

                         Mia's going to die if I don't help
                         her Zoe! 

               Chase charges off towards the nearest Demonic. Francisco
               attempts to stand.

                         I can't let her-

               Francisco falls back to his knees. Looking up towards Zoe he
               cannot understand why he can no longer stand.

                                   FRANCISCO (CONT'D)
                         What's wrong with me?

                         It's your life energy. Once the
                         retrieval process is complete the
                         energy that kept you here quickly
                         fades. If we don't allow your soul
                         to pass on soon...

               Francisco stares ahead towards the battle.

                         I'll cease to exist.

               Mia fires a blast of energy towards Lucia who deflects the
               blast with her sword. Charging each other Mia's and Lucia's
               blades clash.

                         I tire of this. I think I'll kill
                         you now.

               Mia's attention is taken as her eyes lock on to Chase
               engaging a Demonic shell. Lucia's eyes glow bright crimson as
               she pushes Mia backwards, the force sending Mia sliding
               across the floor.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         What's this? One of the kids wishes
                         to play?...excellent...

               Lucia turns and charges towards Chase. In a flash of light
               Mia appears in front of Lucia blocking her path.

                         I'm your opponent!

                         Fine, but my servants are hers.

               Mia quickly looks behind her to see all the Demonic shells
               converging on Chase. Mia turns back towards Lucia. Her entire
               body begins to glow brightly and in twin flashes of light two
               identical copies appear at her side. Lucia looks on slightly

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         Well, look who learned a new trick.

               The real Mia charges Lucia as her twin copies head towards
               Chase. Zoe watches as the twin copies of Mia fight alongside

                         Zoe, I tried to use the transporter
                         to bring you guys to the campus,
                         but it's not working, I'm going to
                         try something else. Stand by.

                         Please hurry. I don't know how long
                         they can hold out.

               Chase cuts through a Demonic shoulder. Placing her hand on
               its chest she blasts a hole through the Demonic's body
               shattering it.

                         Was that him? Is the barrier down?

                         No, but it has weakened. It isn't
                         one shell that's creating the
                         barrier it's all of them.

               Chase charges towards the nearest Demonic.

                         Then I'll kill them all.

               Lucia appears behind Mia in a flash of light and fires a
               blast of crimson energy from her hand. Unable to turn around
               in time the blast strikes her in the shoulder blade knocking
               her to the ground.

               Mia struggles to stand as Lucia slowly walks towards her.

                         Creating an energy clone is a
                         dangerous tactic. Even though it is
                         a copy it needs a substantial
                         amount of your own life energy just
                         to keep stable. You need great
                         power to allow it to fight

               Lucia lifts her sword above her head about to bring it down
               upon Mia.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         You must have recently learned that
                         maneuver. To bad you are not yet
                         strong enough to properly use it.

               Lucia pauses looking towards Chase. Her eyes widen as he sees
               that Chase and the twin Mia clones have killed half her of
               Demonic shells.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         Excuse me. I need to spank a child.


               Mia screams reaching out towards Lucia who disappears in a
               flash of light. Chase cuts down another Demonic as she senses
               a presence behind her.


               Chase turns around just as Lucia's sword comes down upon her.
               Chase lifts her sword to block, but it is shattered under the
               force and power of Lucia's blade. Lucia's blade cuts across
               Chase's chest. Chase screams out in pain as she falls to her

               The remaining Demonic's keep Mia and her twin clones at bay
               as Lucia prepares for the final blow.

                         Children should not meddle in the
                         affairs of adults.

               As her sword is about to strike Chase a blast of white energy
               hits Lucia in the back. Lucia slightly staggers forward and
               turns behind her to find Zoe standing in front of Francisco
               holding out the palm of her hand towards her.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)

               Chase opens her eyes in time to see Lucia fire a blast of
               energy from her hand. The blast cuts through Zoe's body
               shattering it in a massive explosion. 


               Mia's twin clone bodies begin to glow and explode killing the
               remaining Demonic shells. The glow in Mia's eyes fade as she
               falls unconscious.

               Chase unable to move watches the last of Zoe's life energy
               fade out of existence. Behind her Francisco falls over onto
               the ground the blast that cut through Zoe severed his head.
               His body slowly breaks apart into millions of tiny particles
               of light which rise into the air and fade away.

               Lucia looks slight puzzled at the sight of Francisco's second

                         How strange... I didn't even use my
                         full power.

               Lucia looks down at Chase who lies motionless on the floor
               staring up at her.

                                   LUCIA (CONT'D)
                         As for you-

               A bright flash of light appears above Lucia. A tall muscular
               African American man appears from the flash. His eyes glowing
               bright white. Placing his hands side by side he opens both
               his palms and points them towards Lucia. Twin tears form in
               the center of his palms. SHAWN - AGE 32 - fires twin blasts
               of white energy at Lucia. 

               Lucia raises her sword to block the attack, but the blast is
               too powerful knocking her backwards through the wall of the

               Landing on his feet. He quickly surveys the situation.
               Bending down he picks up Chase and in a flash of light
               appears next to Mia.

                         Jonathan. Mission failure. Zoe has
                         been killed and the soul lost. Mia
                         and Chase have sustained serious
                         injuries. Lucia is down, but she
                         could reappear any moment. We need
                         an immediate transport.

                         Acknowledged, transporting now.

               Chase opens her eyes as the transportation sequence begins.
               Her eyes lock onto Lucia who stands in the rubble of the
               destroyed wall watching them. As a white light engulfs them
               Chase closes her eyes falling unconscious.

               INT. ALLEY - NIGHT - PRESENT DAY

               Vincent watches as Chase and Mia exchange blows neither
               gaining the upper hand. Chase changes Lucia firing a blast of
               energy from the palm of her hand. In a flash of light Lucia
               disappears just as the blast reaches her and reappears far
               behind Chase. 

                         You will never hit me with that.

               Chase stands across the alley from Lucia staring at her.

                         You murdered Zoe!

                         Wrong! It was your reckless actions
                         that led to the death of your
                         friend and the soul. It is
                         unfortunate you do not learn from
                         your failures. Instead, you repeat

               Chase charges towards Lucia.

                         No, I've learned something.

               Lucia stands ready to defend Chase's charging attack. Halfway
               towards Lucia's position Chase disappears in a flash of
               light. Reappearing behind Lucia she swings her sword cutting
               into Lucia's side.

               Lucia falls to her knees.

                         When...did you learn flash?

               Chase looks into Lucia's eyes.

                         You don't need to know.

               Chase swings her sword towards Lucia's head. In a flash of
               light Lucia disappears reappearing across from Vincent. Chase
               pursues and in a flash of light appears next to Lucia who is
               still on her knees.

                                   CHASE (CONT'D)
                         No retreats, no interruptions. 

               Chase kicks Lucia in the face knocking her onto her back.
               Stepping in front of her Chase raises her sword in the air.

                                   CHASE (CONT'D)
                         I waited for this day ever since I
                         saw you survived Shawn's attack.
                         You won't survive this one!

               Lucia drives her sword forward towards Chase stomach. Chase
               steps to the side as the sword just misses her. Lucia
               releases her grip on the sword hilt. The energy within her
               blade fades and the blade shatters. 

               She opens her hand and aims her palm towards Vincent. Vincent
               stares at Lucia as a tear forms in the palm of her hand.
               Chase's eyes widen. She swings her sword toward Lucia's head.
               A blast of crimson energy flies from her hand and in a flash
               of light Lucia disappears just as the sword reaches her.

               Chase turns around and looks towards Vincent.

                                   CHASE (CONT'D)

               Vincent stands and begins to back away, but is struck in the
               chest by the blast. The force sends him flying backwards. The
               white glow in his eyes changes to crimson red as he screams
               out in agony.

               Chase stands frozen as she watches the crimson energy engulf
               Vincent's body.


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