So You Want to Move to Miami

So You want to move to Miami

Let me start by saying I am from Miami and I found this hilarious. This video is pretty much a conversation between someone who wants to move to Miami and a travel agent trying to convince her not too. The video hits on a lot of stereotypes people make about Miami, but the truth is a lot of them are true. Either way it is funny if you can take a joke and if not well don’t chick anything on this site.

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7 Responses to “So You Want to Move to Miami”

  1. Pris K.

    Apr 06. 2011

    Haha funny you should post about this. I actually wrote an extensively long response about it recently on my blog ( But seriously, that video brought some real-time LOLs.

  2. honorabili

    Apr 06. 2011

    I loled so hard last night when I saw this, and it was 4 AM.

  3. Lizzy Eros

    Apr 06. 2011

    On behalf of intelligent people who live in Miami, follow his advice for God’s sake!

  4. Richard

    Apr 08. 2011

    I left Miami in 1990. I returned there in 1993 for a contract job. I was getting on the expressway southbound at Pembroke Pines ramp and was accelerating to speed the traffic was moving. all of the sudden i was passed on the right by some ‘local’ in the gravel.
    absolutely true story!

  5. Natasha Montand

    Apr 08. 2011

    this is realistic

  6. Marian kovac

    Apr 13. 2012

    Marian Kovac 305-712-0373

  7. honorabili

    Apr 13. 2012

    I went to your website. Do you play League of Legends?!

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