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So You Want to Move to Miami

So You want to move to Miami

Let me start by saying I am from Miami and I found this hilarious. This video is pretty much a conversation between someone who wants to move to Miami and a travel agent trying to convince her not too. The video hits on a lot of stereotypes people make about Miami, but the truth is a lot of them are true. Either way it is funny if you can take a joke and if not well don’t chick anything on this site.

7 thoughts on “So You Want to Move to Miami”

  1. I left Miami in 1990. I returned there in 1993 for a contract job. I was getting on the expressway southbound at Pembroke Pines ramp and was accelerating to speed the traffic was moving. all of the sudden i was passed on the right by some ‘local’ in the gravel.
    absolutely true story!

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