Fuck Yea Friday

Fuck Yea, it’s Friday.

See there rest of the series here.

Exact Amount of Money Fuck Yea

No Thanks Bitches Fuck Yea

Sex As Payment Fuck Yea

I can't waste my time tutoring you Fuck Yea

Fuck Yea Why Not

Would You Like Fries With That Fuck Yea

Hitler Fuck Yea

Two Cans Come Out Fuck Yea

Porn Leads to Fucking Fuck Yea

Instant Blowjob Fuck Yea

Miscarriage Fuck Yea

The McRib Is Back Fuck Yea

Perfect Cookies Fuck Yea

Valentine's Cock Block Fuck Yea

Super Mario Bros Fuck Yea

One Last Cigarette Fuck Yea

No Shit Came Out When I Farted Fuck Yea

recursive GIF reddit Fuck Yea

Rich Woman Likes Me Fuck Yea

Like Stealing Candy From A Baby Fuck Yea

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2 Responses to “Fuck Yea Friday”

  1. srslyawesomestuff

    Jun 11. 2010

    These crack me up… I was laughing so hard at work looking at these, lol

  2. Lizzy Eros

    Mar 25. 2011

    The like-taking candy from a baby one was the best one.

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