Obscure Film’s Football Soccer Special

I decided to have a football night, watching 2 recent football themed films. First, Green Street Hooligans, the gritty realistic modern classic starring… more »

ObscureInternet Mug – A Review

As an admin at Obscure Internet, I have recently received an OI branded mug to hold and dispense my beverages. I was asked to write some words (about it), and now this is a review (of it).

Review – Remix64 V3 Syntax Error

This album has a very different and fabulous concept, it combines famous 1980s tracks such as 19, Two Tribes, Too Shy, Billy Jean, Broken Wings… more »

Review – Parkan II

The description of this fitted what I’ve been waiting for nearly 20 years. An open ended space sim with trading, pirating, bounty hunting,… more »

Music Reviews – Pentasonic

Band members Vocals – Vitez Guitar – Rolland Rock Keyboard – Lady H Drums – Chun Leek Bass guitar – Steve Pentasonic It’s… more »

TREO750 review.

I thought I’d better do a review of this new phone that I have for my work. I travel a lot and if… more »

Celebrity Big Brother 5

We all knew the big event of the week. We knew how it would develop. The man at the centre of the storm… more »

X-Factor Week Four

Firstly, if anyone does actually read these articles that is, apologies for missing week 3, I inadvertently misplaced the recording I had (ie:… more »

X-Factor Week Two

54321… it’s week 2 and the loonies just keep on coming! As usual, we must start with a nod in the direction of… more »

X-Factor Week One

Well, no sooner has Big Brother left our screens, taking with it what has got to have been the weirdest, most bonkers bunch… more »

Scribbler’s Live World Cup commentary

By me, and I don’t follow footy. French have scored a penalty (7m Zidane), and with 19 mins gone, the itilians have equalised… more »

Dial M for Vendetta

The futuristic remake of a Classic Hitchcock thriller unfolds in a Great Britain that has become a fascist state. An Elf freedom fighter… more »


When I was a child I had my tonsils taken out, sadly they botched it leaving a remnant of tonsil which from time… more »


OK, it’s Bullseye, it’s meant to be tacky, but it’s tackier than I could possibly imagine. They’ve re-recorded the opening sequence music horribly.… more »

Celebrity Big Brother 2006

Celeb Big Brother 2006, who would of thought a bunch of nobodies locked in a house would make good T.V? Seriously, who? A… more »

He-Man and She-Ra – A Christmas Special

He-Man was big favourite of mine when I was young, so when I saw that the characters from the “He-Man” and “She-Ra” cartoons… more »