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Breaking Down Online Dating Profiles

Your sister is a slut and by slut I mean she gets laid on the regular and since you do not, you hate her. Since you are the only woman alive who cannot get laid going to a drunken party you have signed up to an online dating site. You are also the only woman in the world who does not have one good picture of herself so you used the one your mom took of you at the family Christmas party four years go. You hope he will like you for you.

Bouncing Anime Breasts

Do you really need more of a description?

Whatchyamacallit – Taste You Like Yogurt

Taste You Like Yogurt by Whatchyamacallit ft Flula Borg & Flynt Flos This video has everything. Strange lyrics, awesome dancing, great special effects. If you enjoy this try watching some of the videos from Turquoise Jeep Records. AVAILABLE ON ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tas… TJR: https://www.youtube.com/user/Turquois… Flula Borg: http://www.youtube.com/user/djflula?f… DIR:F.Floss INSTAGRAM: @TurquoisejeepMusic @FlulaBorg TWITTER: @Turquoisejeep @Flula FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/hxkstV Download the Album on iTunes: … Continue reading Whatchyamacallit – Taste You Like Yogurt

One Pound Fish

While this video is now everywhere I have to admit I like the backstory behind it. The guy has never sung before and just made up a little jingle to get people to visit his fish stand. His friend ended up recording him doing his song and put it on Youtube and now not only is he an internet sensation, but has a deal pending with Warner Bros. Also, watching the video with the girls I pretend the one pound fish he is talking about is them.

Major Lazer Pon De Floor

No video other than the Ghana movies will make you this braindead. Forget LSD, who knew that Eric Wareheim could fry your mind so badly.

Black Friday Fights

If you ever want to see what would humanity be like in a post apocalyptic world where you had to fight for every resource well here you go. Behold the worst of Black Friday fights.

The Website is Down

This is true best of the internet. For those of us who work in tech support or even customer support can relate to having to deal with calls and people of this type.

Driving In Russia

Is everybody in Russia drunk driving all the time? =P

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battles Of History

Maybe this is how we should pick the next president. Okay maybe not, but we can pick this video as one of the best on the internet.


Potap is one of my favorite rappers in general. Sure, he is from the Ukraine and raps in Russian and I don’t know Russian but his music is some of my favorite rap music. Sometimes not understanding is part of the fun! Most of his songs are performed with Nastya Kamenskih, which complements Potap’s sense of humor and rap style.